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SNDST017: BEC - Relentless EP


BEC - Relentless EP

[SNDST017] || 29.04.2016

1: BEC - Relentless

2: BEC - Nascent

It's been more than a year since UK native BEC joined the Second State roster and although she has been touring regularly with the crew in that time, she has yet to release her first EP. Until now. With the release of her Relentless EP, BEC showcases her enigmatic style in two exceptionally solid tunes that are primed to take on dance floors worldwide.

Kicking things off is the title track 'Relentless' and it flawlessly boasts BEC’s approach as both a

producer and DJ. With the groundwork laid on a foundation of robust percussion, a mesmerizing shimmer of arpeggios transport you to a far off cluster of stars while a lush wash of warm pads spawn a vibrant backdrop of enduring scenery. It's the perfect combination of energy and depth, ripe for peak time trips in any kind of environment. Following up on the B-side is 'Nascent' and it's the ideal counterpart to 'Relentless'.

Taking a darker, more serious approach, 'Nascent' grabs a tight hold right from the "get go". An infectious rhythm rapidly sets the pace as flickers of cosmic effects and rich stabs drive the energy upward. Soon an eery, yet elated sweeping synth bathes you in an euphoric sense of comfort before it slowly fades away into a deep dark distance.

We are very excited to bring you the debut of the young and talented BEC!

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