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SNDST020: Amelie Lens - Let It Go EP


Amelie Lens – Let It Go EP [SNDST020] || 19.08.2016 1: Amelie Lens – Wild 2: Amelie Lens – Linger On 3: Amelie Lens – Let It Go 4: Amelie Lens – The Finest Hour

It is with a feverish excitement that we can finally announce the next EP in our catalog from our newest addition to the Second State family: Amelie Lens. Besides being quite a multi-talented virtuoso, the Belgian artist comes in hot and heavy for her debut release ‘Let It Go’ and with it showcases her prowess for dark, cutting-edge techno.

Over the span of four tracks Lens takes us on a tour-de-force journey into the cerebral spaces of large, dark rooms and flashing strobe lights. Kicking things off is the hypnotically inducing 'Wild' with looping vocals laid over an ever increasing pressure of percussion and white noise. Much like the EP opener, 'Linger On' casts the same spell yet picks up the pace with racing snares and meteoric synth washes creating a deeply euphoric ride. The title track ’Let It Go' is up next and is by far the most 'cheeky' tune of the EP with a twisted acid line swirling around the constant begging of Lens’ voice encouraging you to "Let It Go, Let It Out".

Rounding out the EP is 'The Finest Hour' and Lens wraps up her debut with the most psychedelic cut of the package. Low rumbling bass tones and spaced out pads over sparse drums leave lots of room for the imagination providing each listener to create their own journey to navigate. If this is Amelie Lens' debut with us, we expect a lot of very big things to come from the young Belgian and so should you. Welcome Amelie Lens!

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