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SNDST021: Roman Lindau - Strange Brew EP



Roman Lindau – Strange Brew EP

[SNDST021] || 23.09.2016

1: Roman Lindau – With My Hands

2: Roman Lindau – Strange Brew

3: Roman Lindau – Move

4: Roman Lindau – After Dark

5: Roman Lindau – Stab Incision [digital only]

We have reached out beyond our core artist roster for the first time and enlisted the talents of the one and only Roman Lindau of the infamous Fachwerk label.

In just five tracks, Roman takes us on a ride through a multitude of sounds and emotions from deep to heavy to whimsical and back again. 'With My Hands' opens things up with grinding percussion and a massive call and response of warm industrial synths while a soulful vocal teases and shimmers of resonant acid add a dash of attitude perfect for picking up the pace and burning a hole in the dance floor.

The title track 'Strange Brew' is up next and it combines chugging organic percussion with classic Detroit house stabs creating an ideal balance between peak time mayhem and the deeper side of things. Picking up the pace, Lindau delivers a burner titled 'Move' with rapid fire percussion, vintage acid lines and a super slick vocal hook that is ready to start a fire any time it gets dropped.

‘After Dark’ follows up and it might possibly be the biggest and baddest tune of the bunch. Huge melodic stabs and rising strings keep the pressure building while speedy percussion fuels a feverish endeavor. Last not least rounding out the EP with the digital bonus track 'Stab Incision’: a trip into 'Dub' territory with a classic palette of atmospherics versus fierce, modern drums ripe for late nights and early mornings.

Over all Roman Lindau's debut on Second State is an impeccable display of his range and talent and we couldn't be happier to have him on board. Welcome Roman!

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