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SNDST028: Chris Hirose & HOURS - Fragments EP


Chris Hirose & HOURS - Fragments EP

[SNDST028] || 31.03.2017

1: Fragments

2: Shape Of Things To Come

3: Decipher

4: Distorted

It’s always a great pleasure for us to bring you cutting-edge music. For our next release we proudly welcome our good friends, two of Stuttgart’s finest, Chris Hirose and HOURS. Although they are each respectively solo artists, the two are long-time best friends and have been working closely for years so the eventual pairing would obviously result in a full

length EP and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to bring you their debut ‘Fragments EP'.

Kicking things off in full force is the title track ‘Fragments’ where heavy percussive grooves meet psychedelic tones resulting in a massive crescendo of sonic pandemonium.

‘Shape Of Things To Come’ follows suit with a focus on the celestial but takes a different approach with a pumping, low-slung bottom end while sublimely spooky pads spawn a shadowy trek into mysterious mental spaces. Changing gears but remaining true to their sound the duo flip the script with ‘Decipher’ by infusing classic Drum & Bass percussion over warm, rolling low-end sonics resulting in a dreamy yet impactful composition of opposites.

Finally, ‘Distorted’ wraps things up with an incredibly pensive and engaging theme of ghostly atmospherics and shimmering tones spread over rolling percussion leaving the audience with a glimmer of anticipation for the unknown. Enjoy the ride!

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