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SNDST029: Amelie Lens - Contradiction EP


Amelie Lens - Contradiction EP

[SNDST029] || 14.04.2017

1: Contradiction

2: Drift

3: Resonance

In the midst of a meteoric rise and a riding high of her recent release on Pig & Dan’s Elevate imprint, Amelie Lens returns home to Second State with an absolutely stellar three tracker delivering her signature sound of sultry vocals, cryptic atmospheres and massive drums.

The ‘Contradiction’ EP kicks off with the title track of the same name with an enormous kick drum as fragments of Amelie’s lush vocals introduce a fever inducing acid line culminating in a rugged yet profoundly energetic tune, proving that less is truly more. ‘Drift’ follows suit and once again proves that Amelie’s minimalist approach has massive results. By utilising a few powerful elements, ‘Drift’ dives into the heavy ethereal creating the perfect balance between tension and serenity. Wrapping up the release Lens delivers the most psychedelic cut of the EP

with ‘Resonance’. Another masterpiece in the minimal approach, Amelie utilizes a simple shimmering synth as the vehicle in which to traverse a dark world of intense percussive sonics. Get ready to take a journey.

Amelie Lens is back.

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