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SNDST031: Clint Stewart - Shadows On The Wall EP



Clint Stewart - Shadows On The Wall EP

[SNDST030] || 26.05.2017

A1: Shadows On The Wall

B1: Nias

B2: Lost On Kauai

Ghost Tree [digital only]

Our next vinyl release comes from one of our core artists and the most recent commander of our HUB series, Clint Stewart. It is safe to say by now, that Stewart's strength and appeal lies in his versatility and his most recent EP ‘Shadows On The Wall’ may be the best example yet.

Spanning dark, massive cuts to uplifting, ethereal journeys, his compositions always remain steadfast in their focus to create dramatic, emotional narratives and unforgettable moments. From the start, the self titled ’Shadows On The Wall’ featured in Pan-Pot’s debut BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix sees Clint deliver his heaviest tune to date where unrelenting percussion lays the foundation for an onslaught of climactic sonic eruptions emanating in an impressive display of powerful vibrations.

‘Nias’ takes a different trajectory as it shoots into celestial spaces where throbbing low end and lush pads harmonize into a vibrant array of gorgeous, shimmering aural arrangements. Following the approach of the previous two but landing somewhere in the middle is ‘Lost On Kauai’ where heaving drums and monumental bass converge with fever inducing arpeggios creating an incredible tension of opposing dynamics.

Finally, completing the EP is the digital bonus ‘Ghost Tree’ whose low slung groove and eery pads make the perfectweapon for the strangely unique occasions.

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