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SNDST037: BEC - Law Of Attraction EP


BEC - Law Of Attraction EP

[SNDST037] || 10.11.2017

1: Law Of Attraction

2: T-ime

3: End Of The Beginning

BEC is back. It’s been almost a year since we last saw her with a full EP and she returns with an absolute monster three tracker titled “Law Of Attraction” which kicks off with the title track and wastes no time getting down to business.

With fierce hi-hats and brisk, rapid percussions the track takes off like a jet plane as a simple yet incredibly wicked synth rises from the darkness and blasts of atmospheric rumbles and impacts crescendo to an exquisite culmination.

’T-ime’ is up next and BEC follows suit from the previous cut by harnessing the same breakneck pace but adding a storming lead of unpredictable resonant tones and flashes of sweltering vocal clips creating a wild and ethereal ride through the ether.

Wrapping things up is the aptly titled ‘End Of The Beginning’ where an ensemble of swift, powerful drums provide the perfect stage for an escalation to a dramatic merger of celestial melodies and mammoth bursts of low-end leaving you with an impressive and indelible moment you won’t soon forget.

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