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SNDST040: Stephan Hinz - Juncture EP



Stephan Hinz - Juncture EP

[SNDST040] || 02.02.2018

1: Stephan Hinz - Juncture

2: Stephan Hinz - Panopticon

3: Stephan Hinz - Illusions

It’s common knowledge by now that the name Stephan Hinz is synonymous with cutting-edge, big room anthems and his latest output, the ‘Juncture EP' continues to attest to the consistency of his prowess. Hinz’ kicks off with the self-titled ‘Juncture’ as massive low end, crisp hats and burly percussion lay the ground work for a delicate and hypnotizing lead forging an impeccable balance between two opposing themes. Changing themes but sticking to his trademark approach ‘Panopticon’ lets the drums do the work. What can almost be considered a tool stands alone as heaving bursts of sonic gold explode through the percussive barrage creating an incredibly versatile tune suited for any occasion. Hinz wraps things up with the beautiful and impassioned ‘Illusion’ where simple but highly effective drum programming carries flawlessly restrained harmonies resulting in a lavish trek into the emotionally charged club moments.

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