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SNDST049: Andres Campo - Rola EP


Andres Campo - Rola EP

[SNDST049] || 13.06.2018

1: Andres Campo - No Feelings

2: Andres Campo - Rola

3: Andres Campo - Susurros (feat. Nick StoneStreet & La Rubia)

For release 049 we turn to a fresh face who makes his Second State debut with his ‘Rola’ EP. Hailing from Huesca, Spain, and resident of the illustrious Florida135 club, Andres Campo delivers what could be his most mature, eclectic and finely tuned productions to date. ‘No Feelings’ kicks off in a heavy direction with a fierce kick drum and rapid fire percussion before a beautifully euphoric sonic palette emerges balancing the toughness of the groove with gentle touch, all while never losing the most important part: intensity. Following in the footsteps of the previous cut, the title track ‘Rola’ utilizes an enjoyably rough kick drum to drive a freaky arp line to wild abandon. Campo rounds out the EP with his super slick tune ‘Susurros’ (feat. Nick StoneStreet & La Rubia) taking a more subtle yet seductive approach where a gorgeous voice lures you through a hypnotizing groove you never want to end. All in all we are enthralled this EP landed here and we think it’s the perfect way to welcome Andres Campo to the label.

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