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SNDST051: Chris Hirose & HOURS - Fragrance EP


Chris Hirose & HOURS - Fragrance EP

[SNDST051] || 24.08.2018

1: Chris Hirose & HOURS - Patchouli

2: Chris Hirose & HOURS - Lavender

3: Chris Hirose & HOURS - Encens

Stuttgart’s own, Chris Hirose & HOURS, are back with a big one. After their stellar ‘Fragments’ EP debut last year, the two return with three hard hitting cuts of wicked dance floor debauchery on their ‘Fragrance’ EP. From start to finish the EP is an ingenious example of combining a minimal aesthetic with powerful sounds. ‘Patchouli’ begins the campaign as a gigantic groove lays the foundation for a sinister lead to twist and turn through rolling hats, resulting in a moment of absolute mayhem. Using the same token approach as before yet relying more on the aspect of building tension, the two take ‘Lavender’ to the extreme as a never ending groove locks the perspective while a few perfectly timed sonic roars take front stage making the most of their limited use. Finalizing the EP is ‘Encens’, where the duo leaves the epic climax for last as exquisite harmonies float deep in the background of an otherwise intense and pulse pounding expedition. Welcome back to our Stuttgart guys. Enjoy!

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