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SNDST055: DEAS - Red Source EP



DEAS - Red Source EP [SNDST055] || 07.12.2018

1: DEAS - Red Source

2: DEAS - Face To Face

3: DEAS - Second Signal

4: DEAS - Poison (digital only)

DEAS comes back to Second State with his brand new ‘Red Source’ EP following the extremely well received ‘Velocity’EP earlier this year. In true DEAS fashion he delivers four dance floor burners of high pace, abrasive yet euphoric Techno that will turn any rave into a moment of full fledge mayhem. Diving in head first, ‘Red Source’ has the “pedal to the metal” where brisk percussion lays the ground work for sonic bleeps and eery vocals reminiscent of an excursion into deep space travel. ‘Face To Face’ follows suit with the same approach and concept yet relies more heavily on the drums to do the heavy lifting. Maintaining the pace and sticking to his signature tools, DEAS takes his sound palette and switches out the programming of expected sounds creating a surprisingly cool cut with ‘Second Signal’. Finalizing the EP, ‘Poison’ saves the ethereal and haunting sonics for last where eery harmonies hover over cinematic aural sparkles and an undeniably infectious groove emanating into an absolutely gorgeous yet chilling composition ideal for the more emotional Techno moments.

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