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SNDST057: The Reason Y - Dimensions EP


The Reason Y - Dimensions EP [SNDST057] || 25.01.2019

1: Amplify 2: Dimensions 3: Beautiful Bounce 4: Without A Trace 5: Dimensions (Joe Mull Remix)

It’s been too long since we last saw The Reason Y grace Second State with an original, but the wait is over as TRY returns with an absolutely stellar charge of four brand new burners and a banging remix by Joel Mull on his Dimensions EP. ‘Amplify’ kicks things off without wasting a single moment where an infectious swirl of resonant synthesis twists between chants of ‘amplify’, while intense percussion lays the solid groundwork for a wild ride into the flashing strobe lights. The title track ‘Dimensions’ follows with the same intensity yet displays a beautiful balance of hard and lush as shimmering sonics are delicately balanced with tough drums making for an unforgettable moment not soon forgotten. ‘Beautiful Bounce’ is next, and with a similar approach to the title track TRY weaves an intricate web of contrasting emotions with heavy drums and gorgeous harmonics before ‘Without A Trace’ wraps up the originals in high pace fashion utilizing all the elements of a massive rave anthem. As if that wasn’t enough, the legend Joel Mull steps up and delivers an immaculate reimagining of ‘Dimensions’ taking each element of the original and twisting it in a powerful and unique way only he can pull off. We couldn’t be happier to have TRY back into the fold. Now it’s time to transcend your dimensions of time and space.

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