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SNDST059: S.M.O.D. - A Lost Art EP


S.M.O.D. - A Lost Art EP

[SNDST058] || 08.03.2019

1: Drop Everything


3: Running Man

4: State

After a string of releases from artists who have previously released on Second State with original EP’s, we turn to a duo who delivered their debut track last summer on our SUM 4 VA. That duo is S.M.O.D., the meeting of two great Techno minds: Smilla and Oliver Deutschmann who deliver four ripping cuts of dark tinged, spooky Techno ideally suited for the wildest of peak time rave antics.

Setting the pace at full throttle, ‘Drop Everything’ begins with a massive kick drum and pitched down vocals before an onslaught of percussion builds to a crescendo of pure bliss. ‘GTTMOVD’ grabs the baton to continue the blitz of sparkling melodics encircled in an array of powerfully euphoric drums and atmospheres. ‘Running Man’ follows suit yet takes the same conceptual palette of sound and puts a monotonously hypnotic arpeggio forefront which carries the weight as crisp, quick percussion fires off in break-neck fashion. Rounding out the EP is ’State’ where the duo flex their proverbial muscles with what is most definitely the “funkiest” of the package where groove reigns supreme making it the most versatile of the four tracks perfect for a plethora of different situations.

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