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SNDST061: DEAS - First Breath EP


DEAS - First Breath EP

[SNDST061] || 10.05.2019

1: DEAS - Contact

2: DEAS - Evolution

3: DEAS - Mannequin

4: DEAS - First Breath

5: DEAS - Morpheus

DEAS returns with his best cuts yet for his third outing on Second State with his trademark sound of rapid fire percussion and hypnotic melodies. His 'Contact' EP traverses five tracks of dynamic, heavy, psychedelic Techno. The EP kicks off with 'Contact' and it wastes zero time in getting to the point where intense percussive rhythms crescendo in an unexpected melodic shimmer before the trance inducing melodies of 'Evolution' reign supreme. DEAS continues the blitz with the glimmering sonics and gratifyingly relentless drums on 'Mannequin' and the rawer, yet equally as engaging 'First Breath'. Closing the EP, 'Morpheus' ends on a deeper note and were sure it will see many rotations as last track of the night.

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