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SNDST062: JNO - A Walking Contradiction EP


JNO - A Walking Contradiction EP

[SNDST062] || 31.05.2019

1: JNO - A Walking Contradiction

2: JNO - Another Day

3: JNO - Psychosocial

4: JNO - No Equivalence

After his recent appearance on our SUM V compilation, JNO returns for his first solo EP with four burners of expertly blended heavy sounds, hypnotic rhythms and melodic elements creating the perfect debut for the Dutch Techno maestro. ’A Walking Contradiction’ kicks things off with a feverish pace of bleeps, sirens and pumping low end while ’Another Day’ follows suit as a wild wall of sonics wraps around an intense chant of low pitched vocals and impressive drum programming. The next track ’Psychosocial’ employs the same techniques as the previous with powerful bursts of rapid drum call and response before ’No Equivalence’ bookends the EP with atmospheric ambience, never losing the intensity and clout JNO intends with every cut he composes. Welcome to the Second State crew, JNO!

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