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SNDST071: Various Artists - SUM 7

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Various Artists - SUM 7 [SNDST071]

1. Carlo Lio & Jon Rundell - Parallax

2. Endrew - Cyclic Venture

3. Gary Beck - Rapture

4. Hyperloop - A Journey

5. JNO & Giovanni Carozza - Crispy

6. Klaudia Gawlas & Flug - The Matrix

7. Raffaele Rizzi - Fluorescence

8. Risa Taniguchi - Enough

9. Rocko Garoni - Sane

10. Sara Simonit - 13 Guns

11. Secret Cinema - Creaking

Techno titans Pan-Pot are proud to present SUM 7, the latest compilation on their esteemed Berlin label Second State. It’s another quality release full of class and character, and as always, plenty of dancefloor ammunition.

“Parallax” is a case in point. British producer Jon Rundell teams up with Canadian producer Carlo Lio on this tickling groover that takes its time working towards an understated but deeply satisfying release. A versatile club weapon for techno and house dancefloors, “Parallax” sees both producers at the height of their powers. Up-and-coming Italian producer Endrew delivers an impressively mature slice of techno in “Cyclic Venture”, a lean, fidgety track that builds tension with restless windblown synths and tinny arpeggios. Glaswegian Gary Beck’s “Rapture” is a jacking body-mover propelled by cheeky guitar riffs and a winking vocal sample. Sexy and full-bodied, it’s guaranteed to get backs off walls.

London-based and Naples-indebted, Hyperloop and his track “A Journey” are built for big rooms. True to the producer’s name, its menacing synths are designed to induce a hypnotic state. A slow and stealthy build creates an undeniable energy. Together, Dutch producer JNO and Italy’s Giovanni Carozza don’t mess around. A peak-time bomb for getting the crowd worked into a frenzy, the insistent horn synths and thumping drums of “Crispy” mean serious business, especially in the furious final stretch. No standing, only dancing here. Germany’s Klaudia Gawlas, working with Argentinian DJ and producer Flug, who already released a track on Second State’s last compilation, turns in a moody, simmering techno track, “The Matrix”. Like the film, it’s both futuristic and strangely trippy, perfect for switching gears in the room.

Neapolitan producer Raffaele Rizzi brings in fresh rave energy that sounds at once old and new. The proggy synths on “Fluorescence” are indeed technicoloured and a frosty female vocal sample lends the production an alluring mystique. After she released a sharp tune on the SUM 6 earlier this year, on “Enough”, Risa Taniguchi creates a chilling mood with repeated vox and a squelchy synth, combining to create a sense of foreboding. Second State mainstay Rocko Garoni turns the vibe a little weird, in a good way, on “Sane”. It’s a mind-melting combination of synths and textures that blossoms into unexpected directions mid-track. One for the afters.

Venetian Sara Simonit lends a certain northern cool to “13 Guns”, and brings a lively, energizing techno track with a delicious build and housey groove to this compilation. Veteran Dutch producer Secret Cinema still has it: the ability to create a mood that keeps the crowd on their toes, but always dancing. Closing the compilation, the shuffling beat of “Creaking” would work as well in a club as at a forest rave; we’d expect nothing less from this master.

In sum, this is another thrilling compilation from the ever-reliable Second State, showcasing industry veterans alongside exciting new talents. The dynamic range of sounds and styles within makes SUM 7 essential for techno DJs and techno fans alike.

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