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SNDST075: Michael Klein - Der Sturm Kommt EP

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Michael Klein - Der Sturm Kommt EP [SNDST075]

1: Michael Klein - Der Sturm Kommt

2: Michael Klein - Wasser

3: Michael Klein - Wenn Du Schreist

“Der Sturm Kommt” is German for the "storm is coming“, and the name of Michael Klein’s new EP could apply as equally to the artist as to his music. In the past two years especially, Klein’s career trajectory has skyrocketed thanks to the ever-increasing quality of his output. His tracks have been hand-picked for compilations by Amelie Lens and Cocoon honcho Sven Väth while his productions are supported by big-hitters including Laurent Garnier, Dubfire and of course Pan-Pot, the owners of his home-label Second State. On his latest EP, the storm is coming quite literally in form of three high-energy bangers that help establish Klein as one of techno’s most reliable party-starters. The title track recreates the mood of an actual storm, opening with grey squall before the heavens open in a downpour of android-like vocals, high-volume distortions, a relentless kick and a build and drop sure to blow up any club it’s played in. Rather than dial it back on Wasser (meaning water), Klein keeps the heat turned right up, deploying a snarling acidic bassline recalling the best of International Deejay Gigolo Records and adding his own stamp in the form of a characterful dog-like bark. German for “when you scream”, Wenn Du Schreist is, as its name suggests, the most ominous-sounding of the lot. There’s a dark energy to the production, with spooky treated vocals and rubbery synths creating a nefarious atmosphere. Importantly though, like everything on this EP, the track still bangs. Der Sturm Kommt is another package of high-BPM floor-scorchers from one of the hottest names on the scene today. With every release, Klein just gets harder, better, faster and stronger.

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