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SNDST078: Risa Taniguchi - How We Dance Again EP

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Risa Taniguchi - How We Dance Again [SNDST078]

1: Risa Taniguchi - How We Dance Again

2: Risa Taniguchi - Slipped My Mind

3: Risa Taniguchi - Sodium

4: Risa Taniguchi - Unchained

While the world takes a forced hiatus from clubbing, Risa Taniguchi’s new EP for Second State offers a visceral hit of big room energy and dancefloor transcendence. "How We Dance Again“ reminds us of the incomparable unification and freedom found on the dancefloor and soundtracks the celebration that awaits once the club doors reopen.

The title track bristles with untamed intensity, spiky, ravey synths and tantalising breakdowns. It’s a thrilling peak-time cut destined to cause absolute chaos in venues around the globe. "Slipped My Mind“ takes a slightly moodier tack, threaded with tickling synths, chilly atmospherics and a crisp, distant voiceover. “It just... slipped my mind,” Taniguchi murmurs. The keys on "Sodium“ would almost sound housey if they weren’t so dark in tone, sending a doomy memo perfectly pitched for the witching hour. Closing track "Unchained“, meanwhile, sets a weirder, wonkier tone. A portentous, distorted male vocal has a hypnagogic effect, offset by zippy stabs and a thumping kick.

On this storming, all-killer pack, Taniguchi – whose bonding with Pan-Pot’s label Second State reaches a new level – proves why she’s one of Tokyo’s hottest exports whose future star status is more than certain.

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