SNDST080: Pan-Pot vs. Motion Unit - My Mind Remixes EP

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Pan-Pot vs. Motion Unit - My Mind Remixes [SNDST080]

1: Pan-Pot vs. Motion Unit - My Mind (Radar Remix)

2: Pan-Pot vs. Motion Unit - My Mind (Future Remix) 3: Pan-Pot vs. Motion Unit - My Mind (Galactica Remix)

Two pioneering German techno duos come together in the latest release for Second State: Motion Unit’s “My Mind” from 1998, given the remix treatment by label bosses Pan-Pot and served three different ways. A big walloping kick, industrial crunch, guttural drones and an assortment of spacey synths over the top bring the “Radar Remix” slamming into the now. It’s densely layered, fast-moving, forever changing gears, and bound to blow the roof off virtual raves around the world this summer. The “Future Remix” is more pared back, percolating gently with breathy vocal effects, a slo-mo drone and squelchy acid lines creating a moody, after-hours vibe. Conjuring trippy scenes from outer space, the “Galactica Remix” closes the release out with an unpredictable patchwork of broken beats, snatches of robotic vocal samples and woozy pads, for less conventional dancefloor moments. The My Mind remix package offers three exceptional versions of a classic track that are respectful to the source material while refreshing it with the modern techniques and sounds that Pan-Pot are famous for.

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