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SNDST082: Pan-Pot - Keid EP

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Pan-Pot - Keid EP [SNDST082]

1: Pan-Pot - Keid

2: Pan-Pot - Planet9

3: Pan-Pot - Echoes From Epsilon

As the pandemic continues to put a halt on clubbing as we knew it, techno dons Pan-Pot have adapted their sound to suit these uncertain times. The dancefloor focus remains, but on their latest EP, there’s a restraint and delicacy to the tracks that reveals yet another facet of the duo’s creativity, and innate understanding of what their fans want to hear right now.

“Keid” builds slowly with rustling percussion, insistent tapping and a sneaky, smouldering bassline that bypasses the predictable massive drop for something moodier and more subtle. Exotic jungle sounds, tribal drums and cool bleeps open the atmospheric “Planet9”, which soon pivots towards a thrilling build and ravey arpeggios that sound ripe for dank basement clubs and open-air festivals alike. “Echoes from Epsilon” is probably the most unexpected track of the lot. Five and a half minutes of ambience is characterised by airy pads, windchime synths, and a transportative, meditative air that is light years away from Pan-Pot’s typical fare. At once timeless and completely of the moment, Keid is a surprising, refreshing release from the industry veterans that should both please old fans and win new ones.

Put simply, this dream team from Tuscany are making music well beyond their years that stands up beside the work of veterans (and is often more interesting). We’re honored to have Reform back at Second State!

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