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SNDST083: Bleur & MB1 - Belfast EP

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Bleur & MB1 - Belfast EP [SNDST083]

1: Bleur & MB1 - Shock

2: Bleur & MB1 - Belfast

3: Bleur & MB1 - NL Industry

Hailing from Serres, Greece, young producers Bleur & MB1 have a fourteen year friendship behind them, and it’s obviously translated to a deep, easy chemistry in the studio. Following the inclusion of their belter single “Humans” on the last Second State SUM compilation, the duo now releases this stormy EP, pulling the listener into darker terrain.

“Shock” does exactly that: jolts the listener into a hypnotic trance with a roof-raising combination of metallic, springy synths, a thwacking kick, and explosive FX. The mood is more restrained on “Belfast”, adding a layer of foreboding to the relatively spare opening passage, which eventually veers into trippy, spooky territory thanks to eerie pads and droney synth blurts. “NL Industry”, meanwhile, adds interest to grey low end with bleepy keys and engine revs that become gradually louder and sharper as the track progresses, culminating in a disorienting, thumping delirium.

This EP cements their status as stars in the making. It’s an exciting sign of what’s to come from this dynamic duo.

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