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SNDST084: Joyhauser - Think People EP

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Joyhauser - Think People EP [SNDST084]

1: Joyhauser - Think People

2: Joyhauser - Molly

3: Joyhauser - Think People (Michael Klein Remix)

Belgian duo Joyhauser are perfectionists, and it shows. Their releases aren’t sent out into the universe until they’re just right, and the Think People EP is a fulsome explosion of powerhouse techno, crafted with meticulous care. The title track is a barnstormer loaded with everything you need to ignite a warehouse: pumping kicks, synth blasts mimicking smoke machines, and huge bassy blurts that cut through the mix like an oncoming train. “Molly” doesn’t let up where that let off. Rattling percussion and haunting synths are the precursor to a cheeky voiceover that confirms exactly which “molly” they’re talking about. Lashes of acid heighten the energy, creating a trance-like state that endures for the duration. Michael Klein’s remix of “Think People”, meanwhile, bears the German producer’s trademark energy. Ravey synths peal over the top of a delicious thump, snatched vox and an incessant shuffling beat, trading the bite of the original for something slightly less dark. Joyhauser are rising stars and Second State is delighted to release their first full EP on Pan-Pot’s label – put your seatbelts on and start the journey!

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