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SNDST088R: Wigbert - Distorted Matter Remixes EP

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Wigbert - Distorted Matter Remixes [SNDST088R]

A1: Wigbert - Reflection (Moerbeck Remix)

A2: Wigbert - Automatic Loop (Matrixxman Labyrinth Remix)

B1: Wigbert - Xcelerator (Pan-Pot Remix)

B2: Wigbert - Focus (Jeroen Search Remix)

B3: Wigbert - Reflection (Anthony Linell's S.A.C. Remix)

Industry heavyweights Matrixxman, Mørbeck, Jeroen Search, Anthony Linell and Pan-Pot themselves share their interpretations of Wigbert's work on ‘Distorted Matter Remixes'.

Starting off strong is Mørbeck’s version of ‘Reflection’, with a charging kick drum and heavy acid line powering the momentum. Furious cymbals and a high pitched synth line push the tempo. Up next is Matrixxman’s Labyrinth remix of ‘Automatic Loop’, a dubbed out bass heavy edit where a galloping kick drum pushes along with determination. Last on the A-side are Pan-Pot with their edit of ‘Xcelerator’. Surrounded by a thumping kick drum and shooting snares, a distorted vocal reverberates its way throughout uttering the name of the track.

On the flip side Jeroen Search delivers his version of ‘Focus’: a percussive workout with an array of different drums working simultaneously together. Mischievous synth lines are balanced by uplifting organ chords. Last up is Anthony Linell's Sunday Adventure Club (S.A.C.) remix of ‘Reflection’. This slower paced track marches along to a pounding kick drum and rattling hi-hats. An ever present bass line brings weight and texture to an already heaving track.

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