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SNDST096: Michael Klein - Nokaut EP

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Michael Klein - Nokaut EP [SNDST096]

01: Michael Klein - Nokaut 02: Michael Klein - Nokaut (MK's Random Mod Edit) 03: Michael Klein - Scream 04: Michael Klein - Slow Sucker

Based in Berlin by way of Frankfurt, BLK DRP boss Michael Klein will drop his next record on Second State, “Nokaut EP”. The 4 tracker follows the release of his powerful “No Mercy EP” on the Berlin label earlier this year, and delivers another welcomed edition of Klein’s tough but atmospheric sound. Taking its place as opener is the title track “Nokaut”. Stomping along with intent, the walloping kick and ravey 303 elements coerces you to move. The robust vocal sample spouts repeatedly while the 303 builds and fades, before storming back in with slapping hi-hats. MK’s Random Mod Edit follows. His rendering is a warped and disjointed edit, but still manages to retain the energy and soul of the original. Showing off his production skills, he transforms the once acid-tinged melody and turns it into a jolting, jittery tune that allows the percussion to take centre stage. The galloping kick drum and searing hot cymbals push the tempo as snare drums and hi-hats layer and fall over each other. On the flip, “Scream” is a step away from the relentless, high powered rave energy of the A side and a step into the deeper, darker side of techno. Booming kick drums sound out over a powerful baseline and snapping detuned percussions. An echoing woodblock is struck and fades into the distance while the brooding melody takes control. Last up is “Slow Sucker”, which commences as a laboured, chuggy cut, but builds to a steady march throughout. An indistinct voice jolts across the explosive kick drum and snare combination, an element that Klein cleverly uses sparingly during the track. A distorted baseline hangs over an oscillating synth that drapes an impenetrable veil of darkness, creating the atmosphere of this closer.

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