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SNDST100: Pan-Pot - Skin on Skin EP

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Pan-Pot - Skin on Skin [SNDST100]

01: Pan-Pot ft. Sandra Bjurman - Skin on Skin

02: Pan-Pot - Particle Fever

03: Pan-Pot - Bow

Berlin based duo Pan-Pot begin 2022 with a momentous milestone for their Second State imprint, including a fresh look for the long-standing label. The winning design by Philipp Ludwig was chosen out of hundreds of entries after the label launched a contest for this very special release in November of last year. ‘Skin on Skin’ marks Second State's 100th release and showcases the variety of different sounds homed by the label since 2014 with 3 fiery contrasting cuts from its founders, giving a nod to the range and expression that Pan-Pot’s imprint has come to be known for in today’s techno scene.

Raw cut ‘Skin on Skin’ takes position as opener. Resonating bongos and rattling shakers incite a tribal element while ominous synths begin to unfold. Sandra Bjurman's taunting, faintly distorted voice comes in, claps and growling organs are layered over while metallic ringing gives way to the vocal once more. Twisted elements and the resonating drums are revived for the finale, closed out by a soaring Balafon.

‘Particle Fever’ is next, kicking off with a resounding, impactful kick and gritty elements: jumping bass line and metallic stabs that ring out and halt swiftly. Yelping keys call out during the breakdown halfway through, exploding back into original pace with the addition of a weighty bass line and stripped back grittier elements.

The closer ‘Bow’ is characterized by warped and pulsating elements that march forward menacingly. A rumbling bass snarls beneath metallic strikes, an oscillating spring synth and a sliced up and brooding sample, injecting a haunting element. Grumbling synths hover buoyantly throughout, as the kick and mechanical elements continue with authority.

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