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SNDST101: Charly Schaller - Togians EP

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Charly Schaller - Togians EP [SNDST101]

01: Charly Schaller - Togians 02: Charly Schaller - Can’t Move (ft. Susan Riot)

03: Charly Schaller - Television Static 04: Charly Schaller - Fly Fly (ft. Dandy Delion)

Berlin based producer Charly Schaller presents her first solo release with Second State, ‘Togians EP’. Having exploded onto today’s techno circuit with releases across esteemed labels, the launch of her ‘Realness’ event series and regular appearances at the likes of About Blank and Griessmühle, the fast-ascending producer conjures up a momentous 4 tracker for the revered Berlin label.

Title track ‘Togians’ is a demonic cut, triggering disquiet through layers of harsh growls and foreboding keys. Schaller lets light into the darkness as the story unravels, with a phantasmic twinkling break, before monstrous atmospherics envelop you once again. Next is ‘Can’t Move’, in which Susan Riot’s voice croons hypnotically, uniting sinister drones and spiralling alarms to stir up a threatening and transfixing techno-anthem.

In ‘Television Static’ a male vocal reverberates mournfully, while a fierce energy builds subtly underneath. With stirring chord progressions leading us to an ecstatic break – the yearning voice calling out the whole while – Schaller creates a deeply emotive track that tugs on the heartstrings. The EP closes with ‘Fly Fly’: an uplifting broken beat sweeps you up into the confident care of Dani Delion, whose vocals paint thrilling pictures, encouraging you to join her in revelry and fly.

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