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SNDST108: Mistake Made – Phototropic EP

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01: Rayo

02: Never Seen

03: Motor Cell 04: Kelp

Enigmatic duo Mistake Made present ‘Phototropic’ EP, containing 4 spine tingling cuts on the revered Second State imprint. Hailing from Berlin themselves, the pair dropped a breaks infused track on one of the German label’s compilations last year.

First up is ‘Rayo’ with a bouncy kick and wonky synth distortion, kicking off the EP with serious energy. Percussion and stretched reverbs are added into the mix with cosmic wooshes and volatile shakers layered over the initial beat. The mood shifts as intensity grows and the track transforms into something more ominous, urging listeners to pick up the pace. Galloping forward is ‘Never Seen’ with a chilling combination of static, clicks and buzzing that forge the feeling of being out in the wilderness. An equally unsettling sample growls and loops in rhythm, spiking and whaling at intervals whilst wind-like pads mist under the chaos.

Following is ‘Motor Cell’, a cut with multiple layers and melodies that blend seamlessly to drive the EP onwards while offering a moment of respite. A solid kick and bouncing element are combined with dreamy, orchestral pads and lightning like synths that flash throughout. Intensity is built up with the use of percussion once again, with the final leg allowing the pads to soar and crash beneath. Cyclical closer ‘Kelp’ creates the image of a high intensity beam pulsating out, with varied zaps and galactic drones swooping in and out. Lilting percussion sparkles throughout during this deep and hypnotic driver, closing out the EP on a progressive yet ethereal high.

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