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SNDST109: DJ Dextro – Commodore EP

But it here:

01: Commodore

02: The Day After Tomorrow

03: Soul Rider

04: Freak Patch

05: Walk Away

The Portuguese DJ/producer is a mainstay of the scene there, holding residencies in many clubs across the country as well as performing shows globally. He now steps up for his first EP with Second State, containing 5 deep and grooving tracks.

Quick paced opener ‘Commodore’ commands focus with a raucous kick drum propelling the track forward. The rhythm is muscular, laced with icy hi-hats and growling keys shooting throughout. Up next is ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ with a vigorous metallic string element reverberating throughout, rising and falling in tempo as lighter keys and soaring vocals dominate momentarily, bringing a euphoric 90s rave feel. Taking us deeper and darker is ‘Soul Rider’, proceeding with low lying keys and a robust jacking kick. The rolling bass and rhythmic keys creates a hypnotizing loop only disrupted by a smooth, soulful sample and fleeting presence of lively shakers and a solitary hi-hat.

Initially stripped back and minimalistic, ‘Freak Patch’ calls upon a muted alarm, tight key arrangements and uniform percussion to pick up momentum. A devious sample sneers over the music at intervals, adding to the anxious energy created in this cut. Closing out is ‘Walk Away’ a brooding, dance floor ready cut with twisted melodies and catchy detuned loops. The title is spitted out repeatedly throughout in tandem with the crisp percussion, ending the EP on an eccentric but electrifying high.

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